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Aspy Bay Oysters Born in Cape Breton, Alex Dunphy has lived on South Harbour, 3km south of Cape North, his entire life. Alex, his wife Susan & their four sons' have been involved in the oyster industry since 1985. With a growing demand for high quality product, the Dunphy's trademarked the name "Aspy Bay Oyster".

Over the past several years the Dunphy's have built an oyster Hatchery  to help increase the oyster stocks here in South Harbour.

Mature broodstock oysters are brought into the hatchery in February where they are held in tanks with sea water mantained at 20c.  Algae is grown to feed the boodstock oysters for 4 to 6 weeks or until they are ready for spawning.

After the spawning takes place it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before the oyster seed is ready to leave the hatchery.

Come learn about the  Aspy Bay Oyster farm, on South Harbour at the top of Cape Breton Island.
Juvenile oysters going into upweller

When the seed leaves the hatchery they are placed into a land based upweller.  By growing juveniles in upwellwers that pump sea water through to provide a constant supply of nutrient rich rapid flowing water.  All the juvenile oysters need to do is open up and feed.  This system produces hearty oysters with a higher survival rate in less time.


If you are in the area you can enjoy our Aspy Bay Oysters at the HIDEAWAY CAMPGROUND & OYSTER MARKET.  We will shuck your oysters and serve them with a variety of condiments at the Oyster Bar located in the Camp office.  Free shucking lessons available.  When in season Atlantic Snow Crab and Atlantic Lobsters are also available.

Alex Diving For Oysters

Eatin or takeout to your campsite

Steamed Snow Crab

Steamed Atlantic Lobsters

Alex Dunphy diving for Aspy Bay Oysters, on South Harbour, Cape Breton, Nova  Scotia
Aspy Bay Oysters available at the Hideaway Campground Oysters Bar,  located at the top of Cape Breton Island
Freshly boiled snow crab   available at Hideaway Campground, Cape Breton Nova Scotia
Boiled  Atlantic Lobsters, available at Hideaway Campground, Cabot Trail, Nova  Scotia.

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